Rollo Academy of Performing Arts

Policies and Procedures

When joining the school you are required to give details of your child:
– Full Name
– Home address
– Contact name and phone number
– Email address
– Medical conditions, concerns or allergies relevant to the activity
This information is kept by the DPO (Samantha Rollo- Assistant Principal). The following governing bodies also retain Name and DOB for examination purposes:
Identification is due on the day of examination for students aged over 16.

Medical Records
Occasionally there may be a need to inform an examiner of a child’s condition or disability. The societies we use all have an ARA (Application for Reasonable Adjustment) in place where we can advise the examiner if a child is unable to perform a specific exercise/requirement due to a physical or learning disability.
The ARA requires us sending a doctors note regarding the child’s condition ahead of the exam so the examiner can take the condition or disability into consideration when assessing them. We appreciate that this information is personal and are happy to destroy any copies you provide us once submitted. Please be aware that the information is usually scanned and sent via email to the governing body therefore we have no control of that information once it has been sent.
Every exam requires an up to date letter from the doctor therefore the information given is not saved. If you have any questions regarding an ARA for your child please contact us.

Photos taken at the school or at a school event are shared on the following sites:
– The Rollo Academy Website (public)
– The Rollo Academy School Facebook Page (public)
– The Rollo Academy Face Book Group (private)
– Ickootu Photography Website (requiring password)
Permission will be given to parents wishing for their child not to be featured on social media Music and Videos
a) For the purpose of practising routines and exam material, parents are permitted to video their child and in some cases a teacher, to assist with rehearsals. In some cases more than one child may be recorded. Video recordings are not to be shared publicly and if you do not wish your child to be videoed by another parent please inform us at the time of recording and alternate arrangements will be made. In relation to festival material we also ask that this information remain solely with the performer for child
safety and copyright purposes.
b) Our annual show is also recorded. DVDs are only available to parents and family. It would be impossible to video the show omitting a child from the finished edit therefore if you do not wish for your child to be recorded please do not take part in the show.
c) The Rollo website has a showreel on the homepage featuring several students. When a new showreel is created we will notify you and if you wish for your child not to be featured we will omit any section of the routine involving them from the final edit
d) Due to the size of some music and video files it is not possible to send the information via direct email. We currently use DropBox for these files which involves using a persons email address. Once a file is added to your Dropbox, it’s synced to their secure online servers. All files stored online by Dropbox are encrypted and kept in secure storage servers.