Rollo Academy of Performing Arts


My daughter rose has been at Rollo for many years now. She has bloomed in to a lovely dancer with the support of the Rollo teachers and other dancers, they really help build confidence. she loves taking part in the yearly show And festivals, I personally went to Rollo when I was a young girl so I knew how good and dedicated the teachers are.

Georgina McCormack Rose McCormack

Frances Anna and Ivy joined Rollo just over 4 years ago and and from their very first day have loved it. We were all made to feel so welcomed by the teachers and fellow dancers and mums. The sense of family makes Rollo feel like a second home now! The Rollo teachers have got to know the girls as individuals. They have nurtured and challenged them to be their very best selves not just in dance knowledge, skills and technique but also in their self confidence, determination and resilience too. Ivy says she loves her lessons because the teachers make them fun so it doesn’t feel like hard work and everyone helps each other. Frances Anna says she loves her classes because she is encouraged to practice skills that are tricky and shown how to improve step by step. It has been amazing to see the girls flourish at their own pace in their exams and festivals as well as performing in amazing shows.

Sheila Boneham-Hill Frances Anna/ Ivy

I joined Rollo in September 2008, shortly before my third birthday. Starting with a weekly ballet class, within a couple of years I was taking every class available to me. Through dancing at rollo i have developed the skills and confidence to perform not only on stage, but also in my academic studies and life outside education. I have made the greatest of friends through Rollo, relationships cemented through annual dance shows and many festivals. I am forever grateful to all the teaching staff at Rollo for all the fun, laughter and good times.

Bettie Stafford-Keal

My daughter has attended Rollo since 2016 and loves it more than ever. Since beginning her dancing journey, she has blossomed as a person and a performer because of the dedication and commitment of the incredible teachers. The school is long established and famous for it’s outstanding dancing technique and the sheer range of opportunities available. Over the past six years my daughter has been taught so many different disciplines of dance and performances from the classicals (Ballet, tap etc) to the modern (Hip Hop and Singing). There are festivals to enter, shows to perform at, exams to take and extraordinary people to meet. Above all of this she has grown to become a confident, charismatic, and disciplined young woman because of the love and warmth of the teachers and students. To call this a family is not testament enough to the relationships, skills and bonds that have been created.

Rebecca Logue Grace Logue

I have been at Rollo Academy for 4 years now and can say that my progress both technically with dance and in my personal confidence has been such a benefit to me. This is all down to all of the lovely teachers who immediately made me feel a part of the family and supported me through many different things. Rollo has given me the secure stepping stones to pursue a professional career in dance which I have always aspired for and I will always be greatly appreciative for what everyone within the school has done within this journey.

Ellie Nadin

I joined Rollo when I was 11 after spending my primary school years at another school, and since then my dancing has improved so much. From the day I joined, I immediately felt part of a family, and I knew the school had an amazing environment for learning and a great system for pushing students to complete grades, whilst still improving technique and the basics of dancing. Furthermore, Rollo has also supported me through numerous injuries, such as a broken elbow, ensuring I could still dance and learn the syllabus, and helping with my recovery after. The shows are always spectacular and are some of my favourite days of the year as you can really see the close-knit family we are, and it’s a great time to show off the progress I have made with the help of the brilliant teachers. Rollo Academy brought back my love for dancing when I joined, and for that I will always be grateful.

Ava Pennington

I’ve been at Rollo for over 10 years now and it’s practically my second home. Miss Susan, Miss Sam and Miss Gemma (and all of the other amazing teachers) have taught me many valuable things, including the importance of versatility and professionalism, which is something I can say I’ve gained over the years. I’ve made friendships that I know will last a lifetime and I’ve grown as not only a dancer, but a person too. Without Rollo, I wouldn’t be where I am today; moving on to train full time at dance college. I will always be grateful for everything Rollo has done for me!

Millie Hudson

My girls Chyna and Deja both started dance at the age of 3. One is now 12 and the other is 8. They do a mixture of Dances from Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Acro and singing. The love they have for dance no words can describe, but what has made their journey as great as it is today is the love and support from the Rollo family. Each week, each year just gets better and my girls just amaze me every time as they progress with each lesson and performance that they do.

Antoinette Jones Chyna/ Deja

Evie started her journey at Rollo Academy aged just 3, and took part in her first show just 4 months later. I will never forget her little face on stage that very first time, or how much fun she had backstage with all the friends she had made. For Evie, dance lessons at Rollo have given her not just physical exercise and technique, but teamwork, confidence, learning to support and encourage others, discipline and emotional development. Rollo Academy is a second home now for Evie. Currently her favourite classes are ballet and hip hop - totally different ends of the dance spectrum in terms of style, but it just shows the versatility and flexibility of both the teachers and the students. Evie is 11 now and has made friends for life at Rollo. I don't think she's ever going to want to leave!

Hannah Lees Evie Lees

I have been part of the Rollo family for the past 4 years. The teachers have encouraged me to be the best I can be in all of my lessons. I have made good friendships that will last long into adulthood. The lessons are funny, challenging and enjoyable. The teachers are experienced, kind and understanding. Some of the best times are the shows, exams and festivals.

Janae Brown

My daughter has danced at Rollo from the age of two, since 2011, and I have been so impressed with the teaching and commitment at the school over the years. As a result, her confidence and ability has grown. Maisie entered into the world of festivals at the age of five and is now learning about hard work, drive and perseverance. Along with lots of resilience! Whatever her results, she has always been encouraged to do her very best and continue to aim high. I obviously love watching my own daughter perform and flourish. However, the older students astound me in shows and festivals and I adore how Maisie aspires to be like them too. She never gives up and knows she has to work hard! She looks forward to all her classes and is developing into a mature dancer. She loves her private lessons, annual shows and festivals ... that doesn’t happen by magic! Her love of dancing and singing is forever developing and she has made some very special friends at the school. Dancing is also a huge part of my life and I’ve made some great friends too!! I thank all the teachers for providing Maisie with a passion and ‘happy place’ away from the educational setting. I really couldn't recommend the school highly enough!

Michelle Bates Maisie Bates

My daughter Kyah has danced with Rollo since the age of 3 (14 amazing years). The teachers, students and parents are nothing short of amazing. The family run school gives you a sense of feeling part of a community/family. Every time I watch these students perform, my heart swells a little more. I Cannot give enough credit to the teachers here and the level of commitment they give to our children.

Kayleigh Daniel Kyah-Dior Smart

All three of my daughters have danced at Rollo for many years (as did I back in the day!) The school has provided them with strong technical training in all genres of dance, and great choreography for festivals and shows. More importantly it has given them a lifelong love of dance and they (and I) have made some great friends along the way. My twins started dancing initially to help with their Dyspraxia (dance is so beneficial for this) and are now just commencing auditions for vocational dance colleges/conservatoires and are taking their advanced exams. My youngest daughter is also training for vocational exams and would love to do a Musical Theatre degree. However, whatever pathway they all take in the long term, the teamwork, self discipline and flexibility they have developed through dance will be beneficial in the future.

Jerri Long Izzy Burrow/ Eloise Burrow/ Amber Burrow

Our Daughter moved to Rollo a few years ago and it is the best decision we ever made…..just wish we had moved there earlier! Phoebe has loved it since day one and continues to love her Rollo family. She has made friends, learnt so much and has fun. Rollo is professionally run and is the most organised dance School we have ever known. Communication between the School and Parents is faultless, even through the pressures of Covid-19 Rollo has never failed to provide the children and families with information, resources and most of all online lessons. The School is heavily involved with the local dance festivals and puts on an amazing yearly show and this has been great to be a part of. Couldn’t recommend the school enough!”

Catherine Crawford Phoebe Crawford

Having been a part of Rollo Academy of Performing Arts for over 3 years this is undoubtedly the best dance school we could ask for! All styles of dance are catered for in perfectly equipped clean studios. The teachers are committed, passionate and care about their students. Thanks for everything you do!!! I would definitely recommend this dance school.

Ellie Reid Georgia Reid

Rollo is a fantastic dance school, My 2 girls age 11 & 5 have been attending Rollo since they were 3, taking classes in ballet, tap, modern, acro and singing. Since attending the school my children’s confidence has grown enormously and they have been provided with numerous wonderful performance opportunities. The teachers have so much passion and dedication, they are inspiring and motivate the children to achieve their potential. The girls have made so many wonderful friends and have so much fun at dancing, they love being part of such a fabulous school!

Emma Wilkes Gracie Laxton/ Isla Wilkes

Amelie has been dancing at Rollo since she was 3 after the school was recommended to us. 8 years later she loves dancing more than ever. We’ve loved seeing the progress she has made. Progress not just with her dance technique and exam success, but with her confidence, resilience and determination too. Skills we see her transfer frequently into her school and social life. Amelie feels part of the “Rollo family” and she has made a fabulous set of friends (as have us parents).

Helen Tindle Amelie Tindle